At FL Safety Training we offer a wide range of training courses. We are a PHECC (Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council) registered company. We offer courses in Manual Handling, Patient Moving and Handling, Occupational First Aid CFR (Cardiac First Response community), and a 3 Day FAR (First Aid Response) course and a FAR refresher course approved by PHECC.

We offer Fire Training to provide participants with a greater awareness and understanding of the threat posed by fire. We also offer Lunchtime Short Courses that cover First Aid for Infants and Children, Time For Me, Healthy Thoughts and Healthy Minds. We are an Irish Heart Foundation affiliated training company and we are a member of IOSH and the National Back Exchange in the UK.

We supply induction training and we also offer ergonomics  group training  and individual ergonomic assessments.


Section 11 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 requires employers to have plans and procedures for emergencies and people trained to implement those plans.



Blended Training

Blended training is a combination of "on line" and "on site" training. Blended training is offered in some subjects.


The following are some of the blended training courses  available:

Manual Handling

Food Hygiene and HACCP


Fire Safety

Mental Health and Stress

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First Aid Response

We offer a wide variety of First Aid courses including PHECC FAR FIRST AID Response Course.

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Manual Handling

We offer courses that ensure no employee is put at risk while manually handling a load.

Patient Moving & Handling

We offer a variety of courses that cover correct methods for Patient Handling and Patient Moving.

Fire Training

We provide participants with a greater awareness of the threat posed by fire.

Lunch Time Courses

We offer a series of lunchtime courses including Paediatric First Aid, Healthy Thoughts Healthy Minds, Time For Me and You're Back At Work.

Induction Training

We supply induction training for new employees on their first day.


Employers must perform an analysis of the workstation to include possible risks to the eyesight, physical problems and mental stress.

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